It is our objective to focus on the needs of our Customers through a policy of delivering defect free systems and services, on time, and to cost.
This policy will be sustained by our pursuit of continual improvement in every process that supports our business, and that leads us to our goal of best practice.
The Quality Policy has the full support of the Management Team and, together with Quality Assurance Procedures, ensures that activities are controlled in a manner compatible with achieving required service levels and obligations effectively.

It is mandatory that all staff adhere to the procedures in order to achieve a consistent approach to quality assurance.

We commit to:

• Ensure that we fully identify and conform to the needs of our customers by continual monitoring of performance and output quality.
• Regularly look at our internal processes, identifying the potential for errors and taking then necessary action to eliminate them.
• Continually develop our products to ensure we are always offering our customers the best possible solution.
• Ensure adequate training for all staff to ensure the job is done right first time.
• Maintain and review applicable legislative and regulatory requirements.
• Make continual improvement a part of every day and every job.

In support of this we will:

Operate under the disciplines and control of our Quality Management System, which conforms to ISO 9001.
Develop, document and operate processes which will allow us to provide products and services which meet the highest quality standards.
Ensure that all our personnel understand and fully implement our policies and objectives and can perform their duties effectively through an ongoing training and development programme.
Continually monitor performance to provide a basis for process development.
Plan Quality Management activities based upon minimising risk and eliminating errors.
Communicate our Quality Policy and arrangements so that all employees are aware of their responsibilities.
Review our Quality Policy regularly.

All employees are responsible for upholding the commitments stated in this policy. The allocation of specific responsibilities for quality management and the practical steps we will take in support of this policy are outlined within our Quality Manual.