The LREO has been developed for harsh environments including coastal and offshore applications and includes technology to enable the unit to be deployed in hazardous environments, as well as in other long-term deployments where reliability is critical.

Detailed Features

  • Continuous 360° Pan range.
  • Multiple Sensor Platform:
    • HD CMOS daylight continuous zoom channel with optical stabilisation
    • HD 3-5µm IR continuous zoom channel with integrated stabilisation
    • SD CCD contextual camera with fixed FOV
    • SD 8-12µm IR camera with fixed FOV
  • Eye safe LRF operating at distances up to 20km (Accuracy +/-5m)
  • Ambient temperature -31 to +71°C, Storage temperature -40 to +71°C

This advanced optical system is typically used for identification of vessels/vehicles at ranges up to and in excess of 30km and identification of personnel at distances up to 8km and beyond.

The LREO is well suited to diverse applications such as vessel tracking and identification, along with protection of critical sites and national infrastructure, as well as specialist counter-terrorism and surveillance roles. The unit has interfaces to enable integration with detection and tracking systems such as radar and VMS, and can be equipped with functionality such as on-board analytics and tracking capability.