The Multi-Purpose Camera

Ultra Low-Light performance

The MPC’s features make it unique as a high performance security surveillance camera and specialist video camera, perfect for capturing and recording images. When other daylight cameras have reached the limits of their low-light ability and the only option is to switch to a monochrome night mode, infra-red setting, or to employ a thermal imager, the MPC continues to operate in full colour.

In daylight the MPC has built-in electronically controlled ND filters to manage the light levels; this feature can be operated automatically or manually. As the light levels drop the camera adjusts to the light conditions: the ND filters are turned off and  the gain level increases, providing the optimal settings to continue to capture a full colour image. The MPC also has an IR cut filter which, when selected, sets the camera into infrared mode, making the camera more sensitive, allowing colour infrared images to be captured.

The MPC has an interchangeable EF lens mount and is equipped with a fully sealed lens cover. For ultra low-light surveillance applications it is best used with a stabilised fast lens, and it is typically supplied with either a 200mm f/2L IS USM, or the lightweight 400mm f/4 DO IS II USM Canon EF lens. Other EF lenses can be supplied to order, including the full range of Canon’s superb EF mount Cine Servo and Cine lenses.

Remote Control and Monitoring / View Finder

A remote controller is used to operate all the camera functions allowing switching between modes, operation of electronic filters and use of the digital zoom feature. The remote controller has a built in high-quality HD monitor / view finder used to set up and control the camera. When used with the pan and tilt head, the single lightweight controller is also used to control the camera movement.

Remote operation and auto shooting options

Designed to be remotely operated, the camera is easy to set up and use in fully automatic mode – this is the default mode where the camera controls the exposure by automatically adjusting the aperture, gain and shutter speed. The camera also offers shutter priority (Tv), aperture priority (Av) and auto gain control (AGC), as well as auto white balance and one-shot AF. Crucially, manual control is always available, giving you creative control over camera settings when you need it.


The MPC can be supplied as a complete surveillance system with Sesanti remote controller/monitor, pan and tilt head, system power hub, cables and protective case. Designed for simple set-up and deployment the camera is connected by a single cable for power, data and video. The system power hub includes an auxiliary connection for output of 3G/HD-SDI video at configurable frequency, resolution and frame rate.