From a background in high speed, low light imaging and precision motor drive technology, the Sesanti team have been developing ultra-high performance optical systems for three decades for challenging applications. Turnkey solutions for development, installation and through-life support of flight line protection systems in Civil aviation developed a reputation for producing customer focused high quality product, never failing to exceed the customers’ performance requirements.

Multi spectral systems using state of the art thermal and low light technology were developed and employed across 4 continents monitoring and protecting critical infrastructure from shipping lanes to land borders

A no compromise approach to system and product engineering has also resulted in market leading equipment, often resetting the bar for what a user can expect in terms of performance, power consumption and weight. This background, where selection of the finest and most appropriate optical and imaging products lies at the heart of a great system, has led Sesanti to commit to distribute the exceptional Canon Broadcast range of products.

Where off the shelf solutions don’t meet the requirement Sesanti can call upon it’s agility to react within compressed timescales. The company has invested heavily with in-house facilities for mechanical, electronic and software development, coupled with our expansive machining and manufacturing facilities and in house environmental and EMC test facilities, providing the ability to dedicate resource and remove external dependencies, and providing unparalleled response to customers’ needs.

The company’s team has a wealth of history of delivering key capability across a number of sectors and it is that experience which has given Sesanti an unrivalled ability to:

  • work closely with customers to understand and develop requirements
  • effectively select, tailor or engineer the most appropriate solution
  • manage budgets and timescales to meet the customer’s needs
  • deliver and sustain customer capability

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