Sesanti’s in-house capabilities span sub-component manufacture to complex design and system integration. We provide a full range of services across development, manufacturing and support.


Sesanti has a broad in-house development capability carrying out activities ranging from cutting edge research to continuous product design. The team has skills covering:

  • System engineering inc Software development
  • Optical and Mechanical design
  • Hardware design and Firmware development

Sesanti’s development team is adept at responding dynamically to new technologies and new needs and is equipped with tools including FEA and Rapid prototyping


In order to ensure the best possible response to our customers, Sesanti maintains a high-degree of vertical integration with an enviable in-house manufacturing capability. Facilities include:

  • Machining
  • Mechanical assembly and integration
  • PEC building
  • Optical assembly, setup and test
  • RF setup and test
  • Electronic assembly


Sesanti recognise the importance of after-sales support and through life equipment management, and our dedicated team provide the very highest level of servicing, repair, and technical assistance. In addition to providing this critical service for Sesanti’s own products, the company can also offer support solutions for commercial and military systems originally procured through other sources


“Every member of staff is in the Quality Team” is the approach that guarantees Sesanti’s products meet and continue to perform to the high standards set by our customers. ISO accredited to ISO 9001 – 2008 the drive for quality begins from the first moment a customer makes contact, and quality of through life service is maintained until equipment is retired.


From icing and wind resistance, to high temperature and driven sand, Sesanti’s products and systems are tested and accredited to the extremes that nature can throw at them. While resilience to RFI, vibration and even helicopter under slinging are typical of the manmade environments we cater for.


Sesanti’s no compromise approach to product development ensures that leading edge technologies are employed or developed whenever required to achieve world beating performance. This approach is reflected by Sesanti being employed on UK Government programmes to carry out imaging research and testing

System Engineering

Sesanti have over 30 years of experience of developing integrated surveillance systems utilising leading edge technology in all elements to provide reliable, useable and supportable capability. With an enviable reputation for EMC engineering, Sesanti products and systems can be tailored to suit the harshest RF environments from tactical Military roles to critical Oil and Gas platforms.